In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy I was sitting around the house (with no power) wondering what to do. Then it occurred to me that I had purchased a inexpensive macro lens (Canon 100mm F4 Macro SC) and hadn’t yet tried it. So I grabbed a couple of small figurines to see what it could do. This was the result. It did a great job of blurring the background and isolating the figure. However, the shot I liked the most (this one) had a second figure in the background – still blurred, but vaguely visible. The light was coming from a glass door to the left of the figure and the shot was hand held.

We’d gone to the shopping centre in Mohegan Lake. Eirah was discussing window blinds so I took Jackson (our dog) for a walk. We were passing behind Walmart when I noticed these stacked pallets. What caught my attention was the striking colors. Most of the pallets were blue, but once in a while there was a red one. I liked the contrast. Also the repeating pattern of the stacked pallets.

The back of a truck. Simple, but I liked the strong vertical and horizontal lines. Also although the picture is primarily monochrome there are occasional splashes of yellow and red.

Behind the parking lot at the Mohegan Lake shopping centre there was a marshy area: small pools of water surrounded by tall grasses. I liked the sky in the background and from this low angle two of the grasses looked a little like palm trees. Their original beige color didn’t seem to add much so I thought about converting the picture to black and white. This is the result.

I had gone for a long overdue haircut. Usually I go somewhere else, but I had to drop my car off for some work so I just went to the closest place. I had never been there before. While I was getting the haircut one of the people working there (actually the owner I think) started talking about my camera. After I finished, and to my surprise, he suggested that I take some pictures inside the shop. So here he is, along with another customer. Interestingly his name was Mario.

Walking the dog one evening in Briarcliff (Law Park) I noticed the shadows cast by these railings. It was quite dark, but I thought I’d give it a try. Not surprisingly the result was very noisy. There’s still something I like about it though.

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