I tend to hang on to my cameras and have only disposed of a few, usually in a good cause. Here are three that got away (There is a fourth, but I think that’s a topic for another post).

Canon Powershot S50.  As I recall one of my first digital cameras was a Canon Powershot S10. Unfortunately I left it on a train. After lots of soul searching and research I decided to get a Canon Powershot S50. I left this camera in a taxi in Geneva, Switzerland while attending my daughters wedding.  Curiously both the S10 and the S50 were eventually returned to me.  My granddaughter expressed an interest in photography so I gave her the Panasonic ZS7 (see below). It only seemed fair to give her brother something too so I gave him the S50.

Panasonic ZS3. For a while my interest in photography had been waning. I didn’t feel I was improving much and I only seemed to take pictures while on vacation and of family events. So when I temporarily lost the S50 I looked around again and decided to get a Panasonic LX3 (which I still have and love). It pretty much revived my interest in photography. Unfortunately the LX3 is a little bit large to easily put in a pocket and it has only a short zoom. Could I get some kind of converter to increase the focal length? Maybe, but quality would surely degrade. I decided instead to get a small, readily portable camera with a long zoom: a Panasonic ZS3. It served me well. I eventually upgraded to a Panasonic ZS7 because of its better manual controls and GPS (which I almost never used) and swapped the ZS3 to a friend for a slightly worn Olympus Pen FT with 38mm lens that he had lying around in his house.

Panasonic ZS7. As mentioned above I replaced the Panasonic ZS3 with a Panasonic ZS7. I also used this camera a lot. When my granddaughter expressed an interest in photography I gave it to her.

I now mostly use a Sony NEX 5N with a variety of modern and vintage lenses. I like it a lot. But recently I’ve started to miss having a small, carry around everywhere digital camera.

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