Early this morning I was sitting having a coffee when this little guy turned up. At first he perched on the head of a statue in our garden. Definitely picture worthy – but where were my cameras? I have a house full of them, and I usually have the most frequently used (Nex 5N and RX100) close to hand for when I go out. Unfortunately, because of visitors my wife had insisted that all the cameras had to be put out of sight. They were downstairs, so off I went thinking that by the time I got back the squirrel would have departed. When I got back he was still there.

I grabbed the RX100 because of it’s slightly longer zoom than the 45mm Minolta I had on the Nex. The squirrel was still quite a long way away and it was rather dark outside. This is a very extreme crop and the resulting pictures were dark and grainy. Regular processing in Lightroom couldn’t save them so I thought I’d go for the “Vintage” look (a la “Instagramme”. Here’s the result:

While I’m not particularly happy with it (it’s still very grainy and really only suitable for very small size web viewing) it’s better than nothing.

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