1. Sybil Ludington statue, Carmel NY

From time to time I post images to Flickr.  They’re not necessarily representative of my pictures.  I have around 18,000 images in Lightroom and only 532 in Flickr.  What criteria do I use to determine what to post: none really.  It’s all whim.  Some days I feel like posting to Flickr, some days I don’t.

Today it occurred to me that there might be a way to see the most frequently viewed images.  After ‘googling’ a while I discovered that there was.  So below you can see, in order from most viewed to least viewed, my top 20 pictures on Flickr – based on views.  The large images represent the top five, while the remaining 15 can be found in the attached gallery.

17 of the images are black and white and three are color.

8 are from film and 12 are digital

Almost half (9) come from two locations: Croton Landing (6) and nearby Croton Point (3).

2. Tulips by the Old Jug Inn, Scarborough, NY

3. Tree Reflections, Croton Landing

4. Audrey Hepburn Statue outside the UNICEF building on 44th street between first and second in Manhattan

5. Autumn leaves, Kingsland Point Park, Sleepy Hollow, NY

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