Mini rock cairn.

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk in Fahnestock State Park starting on the Appalachian Trail – going south. The narrow trail runs along the side of a valley. At times it’s clear that walls have been built to support the trail itself. I’ve since read that at this point the trail runs along the path of an old mine road. Lots of birdsong to be heard, and the odd snake, disappearing into the undergrowth before I could get a picture of it. Although he saw it Jackson wasn’t very interested. He goes mad over chimpmunks, but snakes seem to leave him cold. The other day he stepped on a one before he noticed it. It slithered away and he showed no inclination to follow it.

I didn’t find the trail too interesting: more and more of the same vegetation. Rocks abound, but no really interesting rock formations.

After a while the Appalachian Trail crosses the three lakes trail. I’ve since read that there’s a ruined house at this intersection. Unfortunately I didn’t see it – perhaps because I turned right onto the Three Lakes Trail. After walking through essentially the same landscape for some time it was refreshing when the trees finally thinned out and exposed Hidden Lake.

I considered following the Three Lakes Trail, but we’d already been walking for over an hour and I didn’t really know where it went. So I just turned around and went back the way we came.

Rock Face.

Tree in Hidden Lake

Flowers by the lake.

Hidden Lake looking south..

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