I’ve posted quite a few pictures of our late dog, Jackson and also some of our current dog, Harley. But I post very few pictures of our cat, Gypsy. This is largely because I rarely produce a good one. Because she’s black I find it hard to get the exposure right and she tends to move around a lot – and I’m not good at taking pictures of anything that’s moving. Or she stays still only long enough for me to look for a camera and then scampers off just as I find it.

This time, however, she sat down right next to where I was working on the computer – with a camera right next to me so I was able to get off a few shots before she took off.

Cats are fundamentally evil :-). They’re cute and fuzzy on the outside, but inside they’re ruthless killers. Anyone who has seen them play with a terrified mouse before killing it knows this. Just look at her expression. It reminds me of the famous picture of Goebbels taken by Eisenstaedt. Eisenstaedt catches him in an unguarded moment and you can just see the evil inside (not that he was particularly warm and fuzzy in other pictures). Cats are like that. I once heard a joke: why are there seeing eye dogs, but not seeing eye cats. Because a cat would take you out into the middle of the road and leave you there. That about sums it up. I still love them though.

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