We lived in Geneva from 1990-1995 and you can almost see our house in this picture. It was on the lake, just out of the picture to the left on the other side of the lake. After we’d transferred to New York I returned often on business, which was great as I got to see old friends and our younger daughter who at the time lived in Geneva – she still does in fact. I can’t recall why I didn’t stay with her – possibly because she had a very small apartment and I didn’t want to impose. More likely I’d found a great rate at one of the lakefront hotels – I believe it was the Beau Rivage. I arrived early in the morning and went directly to the hotel, gave them my name and they couldn’t find the reservation. I was tired and livid that I couldn’t check in until we looked more closely and discovered that in my haste at finding such a great rate I’d booked at a hotel with the same name (I think there’s a Beau Rivage in every town around the lake) in Lausanne – about 45 minutes away. Talk about embarrassing! It turned out that this one they did have rooms, but at a much higher rate than I’d anticipated. Still I thought it might be nice to stay in a really nice hotel, at least for one night – so I did. Great view of the boats and the fountain, the famous Jet d’eau in the background.

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