I’ve always had mixed feelings about Lomography. On the one hand I find their photographic equipment (cameras and the like) to be overpriced and over-hyped for what it is. On the other hand I applaud their efforts to spread the gospel on the merits and joys of film photography. They’ve done a fantastic job and if film continues they will have done much to contribute to its survival.

I do like their web site though. I find it to be attractively presented, easy to navigate and with lots of interesting and useful information. Not to mention tons of pictures, many in the classic Lomography mode (i.e. light leaks, vignettes and the like), many of which are well worth a second look. From the extract below it seems that they revamped their web site in 2014. Congratulations to whoever did it.

For the last year we’ve been working on the next version of Lomography. We based our work on the feedback you’ve given us over the years and we wanted to share it as early as possible with you and can’t wait to hear what you think. Just one warning first: it is still in development and things can break. All the photos, comments, likes, homes and everything else were transferred as of October 16th, 2014. So anything you do on next.lomography.com won’t be reflected on www.lomography.com and vice versa. Once we are done with testing, everything you did here will be deleted again. So this is a big playground for you to explore.

via Lomography.

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