I came across this magnificent bird while walking the dog in Briarcliff Manor. We’d walked through Law Memorial Park, described on the Village of Briarcliff Manor website as follows:

Located in the heart of the Village on Pleasantville Road, this seven (7) acre park was gifted to the Village by its first family, Mr.& Mrs. Walter Law. The Village Pool complex is the park’s biggest attraction, featuring a 120′ x 75′ main pool and a 30′ diameter circular wading pool. A new two-story Bathhouse/Pavilion was completed in 2001 in conjunction with a major rehabilitation project. The park also offers four tennis courts with lights for evening play; three clay courts and one year-round all-weather court. Adjacent to the tennis courts is a playground that includes swings, a sandbox, and play structures for children 2-5 and 5-12 years old. Two (2) platform tennis courts are located just north of the park and the Village Library can be found on the Park’s eastern edge.

When I first saw it I thought that the village had installed a new statue on the edge of the pond. Then it started moving. Amazingly it let me get quite close before flying off. Although I knew it was going to take of at some point I was so taken by the opportunity that I didn’t prepare properly. I left the camera on single shot autofocus instead of putting it on continuous. Also I think I was so excited that moved the camera too much. So when it finally took flight all I got was the picture below. Almost everything is a blur but I include it here since it at least gives an impression of this incredible bird in flight.

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