I’ve often walked along this particular trail but I’ve never noticed this ruin. I’m led to believe that not too long ago farming flourished in Putnam County. Actually ‘flourished’ is apparently the wrong word. Farming in Putnam was difficult. The soil is extremely rocky and it seems that it was always an uphill slog to make a farm work. With the growth of cities and the industrial revolution farmers abandoned their farms and you still see the ruins of them in the woods.

This particular one is right by the side of the trail (in the first picture the trail is behind the structures) and you don’t really see it well unless you go off the trail.

I’d taken the first set of pictures and was about continue walking when I noticed the small structure above. The rock on top seemed to form the roof over some kind of hole so I got down on my knees to see what was down there. I still couldn’t see much (too dark) so I stuck the camera inside and fired the flash. You can see the result below:

Looks like a well of some kind.

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