Interesting Egyptian looking mausoleum in Dale Cemetery. Their site describes it as follows:

The Collyer Family played an important role in the ship-building industry during the 19th Century. Thomas Collyer was born in Sing Sing in 1818 and exhibited a fascination for boats from early childhood. He was employed at the age of fourteen by his elder brother, William, who at that time operated a boar yard in Sing Sing. When he was nineteen, Thomas had designed and built his own sloop.

Thomas entered into the boat-building business on his own in Sing Sing, and began modeling and constructing vessels which won widespread praise. He later moved to West Troy, New York, where he built his first steamboat, named the “Trojan.” The Trojan was followed by “Francis Saltus” and “America,” which were run on Lake Champlain. Both vessels were fine models which brought Collyer a reputation as a respected designer and builder.

His career grew further with his removal to New York City. Here he modeled and built almost every type of vessel in use in the mid-nineteenth century, including steamships, barks, and clipper ships. One of his best known steamboats on the Hudson was the “Daniel Drew.” This handsome boat was admired as one of the fastest and finest on the river for many years.

Over the years, the Collyer Family has been associated with many commercial activities in Ossining, and at times operated several successful commercial enterprises in the Village.

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