We went into NY city to have dinner with our son-in-law, Colin who was visiting from Geneva. The windows at Scarborough Station are right on the Hudson and as I we were waiting for the train I noticed a number of moths on them. As I started to take some pictures my wife noticed, to her horror, that we had left the package of stuff for our grandkids in the car. As this was one of our main purposes for going in this would have been a disaster. I immediately rushed back to the car to get the package, which left very little time for taking pictures of the moths. I have to thank my wife for pointing out this one, as it was one of the few that came out well. It was also about the only one where the moth was on the inside (i.e. my side) of the window. In all of the other pictures the focus had been fooled by the windows i.e. the windows were in focus, but the moths on the other side weren’t. In the case of this one the focus worked fine. I rather like this picture – particularly the feathery antennae.

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