Formerly known as China Pier this structure was renamed Fleischmann Pier in 2003 to celebrate the days (from 1900 onwards) when Fleischmann was a major industry in Peekskill. A 1915 release stated “The largest Fleischmann plant is situated at Charles Point, Peekskill-on-Hudson, N.Y. – a beautiful, ideal and advantageous location”. In it’s heyday the Charles Point plant had more than 125 buildings and more than 1,000 employees.

But there was a problem. Molasses is an essential ingredient in yeast. Boats came up the Hudson and offloaded the molasses (which had to be kept heated) onto barges, which transported it to the plant – a very inconvenient and costly solution.

Stuart M. Robinson was responsible for transportation at Fleischmann’s and thought of constructing a pier. It was built in 1938 and a channel 30 deep and 100 feet wide was dug into the the Hudson to allow large ships to approach it. The pier is 500 feet long and is one of the few deep water piers along the Hudson.

Most of the Fleischmann buildings have now gone, but the pier remains.

For more information and some interesting pictures see: Historic Peekskill Pier Named After Company That Built It from which the above summary is derived.

Taken in November, 2011 with a Kodak Retina IIc

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