While I’ve heard of such things happening it’s never happened to me – although to be honest I don’t usually check.

This time I could hardly miss it though. Our lakeside community has its own Facebook group. I was looking at it the other day when I saw the above picture posted by someone with the caption “Visitors”. I’d taken the picture in October, 2015 and didn’t like all that much, so I didn’t post it to this blog (or if I did I can’t find it), but I did post to the Facebook group. I pointed out to my wife that this was my picture and she immediately posted a comment:

“This looks identical to my husband Howard Dale ‘s photo posted here on Oct.13,2015!”

Being a bit less direct than she is I instead sent a personal message to the offending person:

“This is actually a picture I took and posted to the … group on October, 13 2015. It even has the border that I put around all of my pictures. At the time you commented on it saying ‘nice’. Could you please either give me credit for the picture or remove it. Thanks.”

Before he even read my message he, in reaction to my wife’s comment, immediately added an appropriate credit. I later got a response to my message:

“I added credit. It was in my …file without attribution. Sorry for the oversight.”

So it all worked out ok in the end.

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