This cemetery is adjacent to the Community church of Yorktown.

The Find a Grave website describes it as follows:

The church cemetery, which church members are gradually reclaiming from the woods, hosts dozens of Tompkins and pre-Revolutionary War residents

Building of the Croton Dam. Fifteen hundred bodies were moved out of the six cemeteries that lay in the path of the Croton River, which flows from Connecticut to the Hudson River.

One of those hamlets was the community of Huntersville. Now part of Yorktown, the 6-square-mile area lies roughly within the boundaries of the Taconic Parkway to the east, the reservoir and Route 129 to the south, and the Town of Cortlandt to the west. According to Christopher Tompkins, author of “The Croton Dams and Aqueduct,” the center of old Huntersville is now underwater.

There are many reburials from Huntersville in the church yard.

As may be inferred from the above parts are well maintained, but the terrain is somewhat hilly and graves down the hillside are not as well looked after (I imagine that they have not yet been “reclaimed from the woods”).

Most of the graves (apparently some 549 in total) seemed to be from the 1800s with some from the 1700s. There is little statuary and the graves are for the most part unadorned with decoration, merely bearing names and other inscriptions.

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