After our visit to the Yorktown Community Church Cemetery, we went on to another one: The Amawalk Hill Cemetery. I wasn’t expecting much as we pulled in. It looked like your typical, run of the mill cemetery. I was certainly in for a surprise.

It’s also known as the Amawalk Friends Cemetery or just the Friends Cemetery. According to the Find a Grave website:

The Friends Cemetery is located off Quaker Church Road just outside of Yorktown off Route 202/35. You first come upon the old Quaker meeting house structures which are designated Historic Buildings and are on the County register, and has a rich history. Quakers, who do not believe in warfare, were criticized for refusing to be involved in the Revolutionary War, said Ward Harrington, the house’s treasurer. But they were well-known enough at that point that soldiers often let Quakers pass unharmed through battle zones.

National Register of Historic Places – Reference number 89002004.

There are Revolutionary graves and many Civil War graves.

The Old Friends Meeting House cemetery is located on a sloping tree filled hillside facing the meeting house. The cemetery has grown since Revolutionary war days and the “newer” portion is found through the iron gated entry way and divided into 6 sections. Middle, West, East, Rear, and Northern rear and Old Friends section.

Most current graves are found in the Southern Middle section.

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