Bob Thompson, The Burning Building, 1959, Tanager Gallery, 1959 by John Cohen, courtesy of L. Parker Stephenson Photographs

John Cohen lives near us and often performs at the Tompkins Corners Cultural Center, which opened not too long ago in the Tompkins Corners Cultural Center (formerly the Tompkins Corners Baptist Church). Here’s a picture of him performing:

The late 1950’s and early 60’s was the booming period of artistic freedom — and freedom will only get better from that era.Photographer John Cohen witnessed the shift of the New York social landscape — normal society was becoming a community of artists, writers and musicians whom cohabit along New York’s East 10th Street. The birth of Abstract Expressionism owes its creation through the works of Philip Guston and Frank Kline. The Beat Movement was also in its early days. John Cohen was both an observer and participant of such a divided time.

Catch the on-going show John Cohen: The 10th Street Art at the L. Parker Stephenson Photographs in New York.

Source: The Early Photographs of John Cohen ยท Lomography

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