In previous years I’ve done posts on the first day of Spring with pictures of a snow storm. Today it’s a glorious sunny day with nary a cloud in sight. True, we still have about five inches of snow on our patio, but it’s melting fast and a week ago it was 15 inches.

I’ve made a path through the snow to the dock and I’m going to get myself a ‘nice cuppa’ tea and go down there to drink it.

Meanwhile Harley has been enjoying sitting outside in the sun. Picture taken rather hastily (before his expression changed) through our front window – with a Sony NEX 5N and a recently acquired Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm, f3.5 Tessar T. The picture’s a bit soft, but I just love the expression. He could barely keep his eyes open. The lens is actually quite sharp but for some inexplicable reason I chose to set the aperture at f22, which caused the camera to set a shake inducing low shutter speed.

Now off to the dock!

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