This rustic building is the Riverdrifters Gallery, founded by Barbara Hunt and Jeanne D. Shaw. According to a 2008 post on Crotonblog entitled: The Artists and the Driftwood Sculptures:

Barbara Hunt and Jeanne D. Shaw, artists and co-founders of the new Riverdrifters Gallery in Croton Point Park, hosted a phenomenal program for young and old on the beach at Croton Point Park, on Saturday, April 5.

Barbara and Jeanne wanted to offer the community an opportunity to connect with the earth, a stranger, and the artist within. They achieved their goals and more.

On Saturday starting around 11:00 AM people began showing up on the beach. The directions were simple, make art using only what you can find here on the beach, later to be recycled appropriately. After you make your art you must connect it to someone else’s art.

By 4:00 PM the beach was covered in fairy huts, horse barns, ships, there was even a horse ready to take jump. Each piece of art was not only connected to the next but it connected to the Hudson River as well.

When I went by the gallery was closed. I hope that this was because I picked the wrong day, or because the Summer season had not actually officially started yet and not because the gallery had closed for good. I’ll have to go back and check.


Detail of one of the panels in the doorway: Bald Headed Eagle

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