In my opinion sheep are among the least intelligent animals in the entire universe. We would often see whole flocks of them on the moors near where I lived. They’d sprawl across a busy road, completely blocking it – totally oblivious to all of the chaos they were causing. If there’s one good thing about sheep it’s that they’ve led to the existence of sheepdogs (or border collies if you prefer). Border collies are beautiful dogs, and highly intelligent too as anyone who has seen sheep dog trials can attest. I suppose the other thing I like about sheep is their meat: lamb (meat of a juvenile sheep) and mutton (meat of an adult sheep). I’m particularly fond of the stronger tasting mutton, but find it hard to find in NY, USA where I live.

Whenever, I see a sheep I think of the Monty Python sketch: “Flying Sheep“, which contains the immortal words: “He’s that most dangerous of animals, a clever sheep”.

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