It’s An Introduction to Camera Game: How to Seduce Women Through Photography and it’s described on as follows:

Photography is an art that is as enriching as it is seductive. It can open up new ways of looking at the world, train you to become more social, and create opportunities to meet an endless amount of attractive women. This guide will: Suggest the proper equipment needed to get started. Teach you techniques to become proficient using a camera. Explain different ‘projects’ that will make it easy for you to approach girls on the street and get them excited to be involved in your photos. Include tips on how to easily set up dates and seduce the women you meet. And much more… If you are interested at all in photography and meeting women, An Introduction to Camera Game is the best place to get started.

Thankfully the reviews are, with a couple of exceptions, universally bad. Even though I’m not a professional photgrapher, nor am I female, one of the comments pretty much sums up my own views:

As a professional (female) photographer, this makes my blood boil. There are already too many predatory photographers in this world who coax girls into “modeling” for them, when their intentions are simply to get a girl in an isolated setting and (usually) semi-undressed. This book encourages sexual harassment between “photographers” and models, and damages the reputation of the rest of the professionals in our industry. DO NOT purchase this book and support someone who thinks that photography is a means to “seduce” women.

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