Other than adding content I don’t often makes changes to this site. However, this month I’ve made one major change; one small change; and fixed a problem.

The major change was the addition of portfolios. I tend to include most of my pictures in the blog: good, mediocre; not so good etc. I felt the need to highlight some of the (to my mind) better pictures by theme. Hence the portfolios. I’m limiting the number of pictures in each portfolio to 20. So far I’ve only done two: Street and Portraits. I started off with these because they are my least favorite genres and I thought it would be easier to identify the better pictures because there weren’t too many to begin with. Hopefully I’ll be adding more.

So far I’ve given each of the pictures a ragged border. I’ve now decided to go with a simpler, plain black border, which also eliminates one step in my workflow. However, I have a number of pictures that I’ve already processed with the ragged border so they’ll still appear from time to time as I add them to the blog. All new pictures will have the plain black border. This was the minor change.

As for the fix. While working on my 2000th post I noticed that the monthly archives only display five posts, and that there was no way to move to subsequent posts (it only took me six years to figure this out). After a bit of research I came up with a solution using the Custom Post Limits plugin, which in its description states: “By default, WordPress provides a single configuration setting to control how many posts should be listed in each section of your blog. This value applies for the front page listing, author listings, archive listings, category listings, tag listings, and search results. This plugin allows you to override that value for each of those different sections.”. It seems to do the job.

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