Last weekend we went to Las Vegas for a family wedding. It was the first time I’d been there and even though I don’t gamble I was looking forward to seeing the ‘Strip’. Our two girls and their husbands were also attending so it was great to see them again. We took Jet Blue and very much enjoyed the experience. However, our arrival in Las Vegas turned out to be a bit of a comedy of errors.

On the plane we bumped into two relatives who were also traveling to the wedding. We disembarked and my wife needed a restroom so I said to her that I’d go ahead to the baggage claim. Down I went and after waiting for a while I recovered our two (large) bags. My wife had still not appeared. Then our relatives turned up and told me that she was waiting upstairs by the mens room. I guess that somehow she had misunderstood where I was going. I tried calling her, but without success. Text messages didn’t work either. I couldn’t just go and get her because I had the two suitcases and the dog – Oh I guess I didn’t mention that we took the dog with us. Eventually she gave up waiting for me and came down to the baggage claim.

The relatives we’d met on the plane told us that they were renting a car and that they could take us to the hotel where we were all staying. It’s about thirty minutes away from the airport. They went off to Avis and we followed and met up with them there, where they were standing on a long line. I was starting to get a little worried. We were two people with two large suitcases and a dog. They were also two people with two suitcases. It seemed to me that if they got a standard sized car we weren’t all going to fit so I went over and proposed they try to get a larger car and that I’d pay the difference. The wait continued and eventually they returned to tell us that because of the way the reservation had been made they had to go to the Bellagio to pick up the car.

At this point we parted. They went off to the Bellagio and we got an Uber to our hotel.

We saw them later at the hotel. Apparently when they arrived at the Bellagio the Avis rental was closed and they couldn’t get a car. They had to take a taxi/uber or something (I didn’t enquire which) to get to the hotel.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M.

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