We first visited the Beekman Arms and Delamater Inn Antique Market.

I love antiques stores, so many interesting objects and of course there’s always the chance that I’ll bump into an interesting old camera or two. I’d seen a couple of old SLRs that I wasn’t interested in and then came across a whole shelf of them that were of considerable interest!

I’m not usually interested in old box cameras, but somewhere along the line I’d acquired an original Kodak Brownie (See: Kodak Brownie). Unfortnately, it takes 117 rollfilm, which is no longer available so I can’t use it.

So I’ve been on the lookout for a box camera, which takes 120 film and here were a few of them.

Did I get one? I certainly did, but you’ll have to read the next post to find out which one.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3.

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