This is the first of a series of posts taken early in May, 2018. My wife planted these tulips last year.

We haven’t had tulips for a while. Many years ago, not long after we bought our house in Briarcliff Manor my wife planted a large number of them. They all came up the following year, the buds formed and we were looking forward to seeing them flower. The next day we came out to find a sea of stalks – no flowers, no buds. The deer had gotten the lot! As a result of this experience we fenced off the entire property. We haven’t had a problem with deer since.

This, however, is a different house and it’s not fenced, so instead we have a motion activated sprinkler, which also seems to do a decent job – as long as we remember to keep it turned on. Unfortunately, we tend to leave it off a lot of the time as tends to “sprinkle” us if we leave it on.

Taken with a Sony Alpha 500 with Tamron A18 AF 18-250mm f3.5-6.3.

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