Our ancient (more than 10 years old) printer has finally given up the ghost. Actually it hasn’t completely packed up. It still prints, but only in green and I’ve been unable to fix whatever problem exists. It wasn’t worth getting it fixed so it was time to get a new one. I was particularly interested in having something with wifi as the printer is located in the basement, while the computer is usually upstairs in the living room.

In the end a settled for a very inexpensive printer: a Canon TS 8220. I don’t print all that much so I didn’t need anything fancy. It’s an all in one printer and the scanning functions will certainly be useful.

I didn’t buy it for its ability to print photographs. On the fairly rare occasion that I print my pictures, I usually get them done externally. However, I couldn’t resist trying to print a few to see how they came out.

I initially printed a few black and whites on matte paper. I didn’t like the results so I got some glossy paper and tried that. Much better.

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