I didn’t include this picture along with the others in the previous post (A visit to the Bronx Zoo – Feeding Time for the Sea Lions) because this one wasn’t actually fed.

The entire time we watched he just lay on a rock, eyes closed, basking in the sun. As mentioned in the earlier post the large male was extremely noisy. This didn’t seem to bother this small one in the least.

In fact we were getting a bit worried by his apparent lethargy when we heard from the speaker that he was in fact quite young – born only about a year ago. Apparently young sea lions don’t eat fish until they reach a certain age. Still we were a bit worried by his lack of movement. Then right after the feeding ended he lifted his head, yawned and then dove into the water. It seems that all was well after all.

Taken with a Sony Alpha 500 and Minolta 100-200mm f4.5 AF.

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