I started my walk here, down by the waterfront because it was here that my wife was meeting a friend for lunch.

According to its website:

Chef Navjot’s romance with South East Asian Cusine was rekindled when he travelled this past year to Thailand , Singapore and Malaysia. Spending weeks, immersed in authentic Asian gastronomy invigorated and excited him and he wanted to share his intriguing culinary experiences with people back home, and not only food but he has an experience background in cocktail making so he is sharing all of it with the world to inspire all. If you want to create a home bar like this you need the essential bar tools to make a great job like the Chef Navjot’s.

Having seen the people of Irvington enjoy a bold and vibrant Indian Cuisine for the past 8 years, he felt confident that they would be an eager participant in his dream to introduce the intricate flavours of South-East Asian cuisine in this dynamic Westchester community. Thus, Sambal was conceived.

From womb to the world, this dream was realised with the help of Sushil Malhotra, Chef Arora’s partner, mentor and guide. The feather in our cap is our collaboration with Chef Lucky Thai. She is an award winning maestro of Asian cooking, previously based in Las Vegas, who is at the helm of our kitchen along with Chef Navjot. Their combined expertise will ensure that we stay true to our roots as an Asian dining experience while continuing to create and innovate.

We bring you the freshest organic ingredients, exotic herbs and spices from Thailand and Malaysia. The cooking process combines the high heat of the wok with constant agitation to create flavors and textures that are crisp, sharp yet complex. The fragrant and aromatic cuisine in a sophisticated, elegant ambience helps us assure that you have a memorable dining experience.

This building has not always housed Sambal. Until a couple of years ago it was a good Indian restaurant called Chutney Masala. Luckily that restaurant, which has the same owners as Sambal, moved to a different location on Main Street in Irvington and Sambal took its place on the waterfront.

I’ve eaten at Chutney Masala many times, but never at Sambal so I can’t comment on the food.

Taken with a Minolta XD and Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm f1.7.

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