This was taken at the pond in Law Park in Briarcliff Manor, NY. On occasion I’ve seen Great Grey Herons, Cormorants and Egrets there. More recently I got a nice set of pictures of a Green Heron fishing for tadpoles.

Since I usually take the dog for a walk in Briarcliff on Saturdays I tend to pass by the park with a camera to see if there are any interesting birds around.

Lately there haven’t been, but this time I spotted a commotion in the water on the far side of the pond. I made my way over and found these two frogs. At first I thought they were playing (do frogs play?) or fighting. I suppose that the latter is still a possibility, but I started to wonder if they weren’t up to something completely different. Anyone know how to distinguish male and female frogs?

Taken with a Sony A500 and Minolta AF 100-200mm f4.5.

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