Ducks and ducklings on the “Polly Pond” in Downing Park, Newburgh, NY. If you’re interested in comparing film and digital I also took a digital picture of these same ducks using my Sony RX-100 M3 – See: Downing Park, Newburgh – A Duck and her ducklings.

I think I prefer this one (i.e. the film version), but not necessarily because it’s film. I like the composition more. The digital version is, to me, a little too “formal” with all of the ducks in neat lines travelling in the same direction. It’s almost as if it’s posed. On the other hand the film version is more chaotic. There’s more going on: two of the ducklings have their heads in the water; one looks as if it has just lifted its head out and has weed dripping its beak; another one looks as if it’s about to dip its head in.

Taken with an Olympus IS-3/3000 and Fujicolor Superia X-TRA400.

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