Formally organized in 1659, Kingston’s Old Dutch Church is one of the oldest continuously existing congregations in the country. Its current building, the fifth, dates back to 1852. The surrounding churchyard contains gravestones dating back to 1710. Approx. 70 Revolutionary War soldiers are buried there. This elaborate monument marks the burial place of George Clinton, New York’s first governor, and vice president under Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Across the street is the site of the original courthouse where the Constitution of New York State was written and adopted on April 20, 1777. New York’s first elected governor, George Clinton took the oath of office there, and the first State Supreme Court presided over by Chief Justice, John Jay convened there.

The site is now occupied by the current Ulster County Courthouse built in 1818. Here Sojourner Truth, the famous abolitionist won her son’s freedom from slavery in Alabama.

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