Our cat, Gypsy looking suitably spooky.

Of all the Halloween symbols, the black cat has definitely had to pay a price and earn their place in the festivities. Beginning at the time of Samhain, black cat symbolism led to many cats being burned alive.

Druids believed that evil humans could turn themselves into cats, which led the druids to lock the cats in cages and throw them into the sacred fires. Being a Halloween cat during the festival of Samhain was nothing to celebrate.

Later on in history, many believed that witches could turn into cats and black cats became the symbol for a witch’s familiar. Once again during the Witch Trials cats were killed along with the accused witches for being evil.

Interestingly enough, black cat symbolism is very different in many other countries where they are seen as good luck. (King Halloween).

Taken with a Sony Nex 5N and Meyer Optik Lydith 30mm f3.5

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