My first attempts to use this camera (without film) showed a few problems. I put a battery in and opened up the back. When I closed it again the frame counter didn’t reset. Ah well. Who needs a frame counter. I’ll know when the film stops that I’ve finished it. However, after opening and closing the back a few times the counter suddenly reset and has since worked as anticipated – at least for now. Second I couldn’t get the meter to work. This was more disturbing, but at a push I could use it in manual mode (with an external meter or “sunny 16”. Although I was getting a bit “down” on this camera I could still try it out although I was starting think that I probably wouldn’t be using it much. Then browsing the web I discovered that the meter won’t function until the frame counter reaches ‘1’. I tried this and sure enough this solved the meter problem. Another problem turned out to be related (I think). When I wound on and pressed the shutter release the mirror would stick in the up position. Setting the camera to ‘M90’ released the mirror. When doing the same thing after the frame counter reached ‘1’ the mirror did not stick.

After that it was all plain sailing. I set the camera in aperture priority mode and went out to take some pictures along nearby Peekskill Hollow Road. There were a few operator-related (i.e. me) errors e.g. not noticing that the camera was selecting too low a shutter speed for me to hand hold, but generally I was pleased with the results. Above the former Tompkins Corners Baptist Church (Now the Tompkins Corners Cultural Center).

Red barn with geese.

Old wooden shack on Peekskill Hollow Road.

Rusty, broken wheel.

Red Barn.

Porch at the Tompkins Corners Cultural Center.

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