Interesting YouTube video from Jamie Windsor.

I fear that it’s even worse than he suggests. I suspect that the days of street photography as we know it are numbered.

Back in the days of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gary Winogrand, Joel Meyerowitz and the like people were not so much bothered about people taking pictures of them. Maybe they even liked it that someone would be interested enough in what they were doing to take a picture. In any case who was going to see the picture. Maybe a few people who saw a print; bought a book; or went to a gallery. But not really very many.

But times have changed. Now everyone is very much aware that any picture can be made available on the Internet to possibly millions of people within seconds of it being taken. Also people are much more distrustful of the photographers’ motives nowadays. Many feel that their privacy is being invaded and that this situation should not be allowed to exist.

National laws have already been changed, or are in the process of being changed to protect privacy. France is a case in point.

I suspect that this trend will continue. I’m not saying that this a good thing. I don’t think it is as I believe it leads to the loss of freedom of speech/expression, but I think this is the way things are going.

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