I recently started to volunteer at my village’s historical society: The Briarcliff Manor-Scarborough Historical Society (BMSHS).. One of my first tasks was to help with the creation of a presentation on “Walter Law’s Mysterious Lanterns”

I’ve posted about them before. See:

Above long time friend of the BMSHS, Charlie Trainor introduced the presentation. In his introduction Charlie made the following points:

  • Who? Us. The Briarcliff Manor & Scarborough Historical Society
  • What? We almost became extinct.
  • Where? In this community, in this building, and in the Youth Center.
  • When? Over the past two and a half years.
  • Why? The Covid 19 pandemic and a storm named IDA.
  • How? We survived through the efforts of one very dedicated person, Karen Kotter Smith.
  • What Now? We need help. Real help. We need volunteers to assist in re-newing the kind of research and vibrant programing the Society has provided to the community in the past. Please see our “Wanted Poster”.
  • Facts you may not know: We receive no financial help from any government agency. We have on going expenses such as venue fees, storage fees, phone bills and office equipment. We are a tax-exempt 501-3C entity. We will appreciate anything you can do to help us carry on our mission to preserve and share our unique community’s history.

Kaaren Smith, Executive Director of the BMSHS giving the presentation. She addressed such issues as who was Walter Law? What was his connection to the lanterns? How many lanterns are there?; Where are they located? Where did they come from? How did they get to Briarcliff Manor? and more.

Some of the participants.

The Wanted Poster

A copy of the full presentation is available here on the Briarcliff Manor-Scarborough History Society website.

Taken with a Sony A7IV and Rokinon AF 24-70 f2.8 FE

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