A little over a month ago I did a post on A Wealthy Man. In that post I included a picture I’d found on the internet showing his grave site (actually it’s not just him. His wife, Edith is also there as are a number of other Macy’s). I wasn’t too happy with that picture so I returned to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery with a friend to take my own pictures.

The gravesite is actually on two levels. The lower level seems to be empty. The upper level contains a large bench overlooking the graves themselves and the River Hudson.

View of the bench.

Another view of the bench.

Grave of V. Everit Macy. For more information see: A Wealthy Man

Grave of Edith Carpenter Macy. For more information see: A Wealthy Man

I had walked past this grave site many times before and was surprised that I had not noticed to whom it belonged. I guess that was before my involvement with the Briarcliff Manor-Scarborough Historical Society.

I was even more surprised to discover that next to this gravesite is another magnificent monument, this time to James Speyer. I’d even taken a picture of this before (See: Sleepy Hollow Cemetery- Structures, Final Picture). The Speyer and Macy gravesites are right next to each other, just as their estates were across the road from each other in Briarcliff Manor. I was amazed that I’d missed the Speyer gravesite on the many occasions I’d walked by it. My house is on what used to be the Speyer Estate. (See: Here’s where we live).

I took some pictures of the Speyer grave site too. It looks a lot different from when I took the earlier picture. Then it was difficult to make out anything. It was extremely dirty. Now it looks as if it’s been recently cleaned. I’ll post the pictures soon.

Taken with a Sony RX100 M3.

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