Film Camera 2019/11 – Leica IIIf – Results

I was in New York City and decided to wander around Tudor City and take some pictures. Overall it was a pleasant experience and I was happy with the results.

Of course at first it was difficult to get used to the lack of an exposure meter and only manual focus, but after a while I got used to it. It was a cloudy day and the exposure didn’t vary much so I only rarely had to change the settings.

I’m still not keen on having to trim the film leader, nor am I happy that the rangefinder and viewfinder are separate and the rangefinder window in particular is rather “squinty”. Apart from that I have no complaints. It’s small and with the collapsible Serenar lens fits easily in a pocket. It’s clearly a very well made camera.

I also have a Leica M2 that I’ve never used. Can’t wait to give it a try.

Film Camera 2019/10 – Moskva 5 – Results

I struggled with this camera – not the fault of the camera, more my lack of familiarity with it and some basic mistakes I made. Loading was easy enough, but after that things started to go downhill.

Admittedly I was rushing. I was leaving on vacation and wanted to finish a roll quickly before I left. I had the camera set for 6×9 and so only had 8 frames available. I composed my first picture and pressed the shutter release. Nothing happened. Maybe I needed to advance? I did this and still nothing. Now getting flustered I tried again. Still nothing. Eventually I realized that I’d forgotten to cock the shutter – three frames lost, five to go.

It was a fairly dull day and I was using 100 ISO film and in one of the shots I think the shutter speed was too slow for me to hand hold – four frames down four to go.

Only occasionally having used medium format cameras I didn’t realize that depth of field is less than I was used to with 35mm. Only a small area was in focus, with the foreground and background badly out of focus. Five down, three to go (the images above and below),

I found the camera quite cumbersome to use. I couldn’t seem to hold it comfortably and the focus mechanism at the end of the lens was also uncomfortable. I left with the impression that it’s really designed to be used on a tripod, which is what I’ll do next time I use it.

So while I didn’t really like the camera all that much the 6×9 negative is hard to resist so I’ll certainly try it again.