Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse

According to the Visit Sleepy Hollow site:

Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse (aka Tarrytown Lighthouse and Kingsland Point Lighthouse), 299 Palmer Avenue, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591. 914-366-5109. This light was once a half-mile off shore, warning ships away from dangerous shoals on the east side of the Hudson River. Years of landfill by a now-demolished General Motors factory moved the shoreline within a few feet of the light. The cast iron tower was installed in 1883. Over its 78 years of operation, 12 light keepers and their families occupied the five-story structure. The light was automated in the mid 1950s, and operated until 1961 when navigation lights on the Tappan Zee Bridge rendered it obsolete. In the 1970s Westchester County acquired the decommissioned structure from the federal government. Tours of the light are offered by the village of Sleepy Hollow. From land, best views are from Kingsland Point Park.

Behind the lighthouse you can just see the old Tappan Zee Bridge now slowly being demolished since it’s successor the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge was opened.

Taken from Kingsland Point Park with a Fujifilm Finepix HS10 – a camera I never really took to and eventually gave away to my brother-in-law.

Nor’Easter 2: Another Coastal Storm

In the preceding post (see Deer in the Meadow) I mentioned a strong coastal storm that impacted our areas a week or so ago. Unfortunately, it was followed by another strong coastal storm (or ‘Nor’Easter’ as they are often referred to around here) only five days later.

Strangely we didn’t have much (I’d estimate 6-7 inches) snow in Briarcliff Manor, and the winds weren’t all that strong, but two small(ish) trees came down and a few branches. None of them hit the house though. Much more snow (about 1.5-2 feet) fell at the lake, but once again there was no damage – not even fallen tree limbs.

In the first storm power went out in both the Briarcliff House and the lake house. It came back quickly (just over a day later) in Briarcliff, but it took just about a week for it to come back at the lake. When it did finally came back there cable/internet came back with it, while in Briarcliff were were still waiting for it a week later.

Taken from our front door in Briarcliff Manor with an iphone 6s.

Server – Whitby Castle

I don’t take a lot of pictures of furniture, but this one caught my attention for some reason.

It was taken inside Whitby Castle, originally the home of William P. Chapman and named after Whitby Abbey in England because it is said that some of the original stones from the Abbey are now encased in the walls of the castle. In 1896 it was sold to the Park family who in 1921 sold it to the City of Rye who combined it with the Allen estate and it became Rye country club. It has a chapel built upstairs which has a unique stained glass window.

It doesn’t really look much like Whitby Abbey, which has something of a spooky reputation since it was features in Bram Stoker‘s Dracula.

I’ve already done a few posts on Whitby Castle:

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3.