Film Camera 2021 -3 Pentax Espio 115G – Results

I liked the appearance of this camera with its brushed silver and black look and it was quite a pleasant camera to use.

The zoom to 115mm was a bit intimidating and extended for quite a distance from the front of the camera. I suspected that it was probably quite soft a the longer end of the zoom so I tended to avoid the telephoto end. Unfortunately I hadn’t realized that the wide end suffers a lot from pincushion distortion.

I took the camera out on a pretty bad day: it was overcast and dark with quite a bit of haze. Also I was using an old film (of course I didn’t know how old it was). So the resulting pictures needed a bit of tweaking in terms of exposure and contrast, but bearing in mind that the film was probably quite old they weren’t too bad.

The review I mentioned in the preceding post (See: Film Camera 2021 -3 Pentax Espio 115G) concludes:

I really enjoy using the 115G — it’s a lot of camera packed into a little package, and for me at least, the pluses are definitely more significant than the minuses. It’s a solidly built little machine that produces nice, sharp images. If you happen to see one turn up at your local thrift store at a reasonable price, grab it. I think you’ll find, as I have, that it’s a very capable shooter.

I’d agree: all things considered it’s a decent camera, but unfortunately I have other point and shoot cameras that I like more so I don’t think I’ll be using it again.

Above the brick wall of the former Speyer Estate.

A gate in the wall.

Passing the Old Croton Aqueduct trail.

A garden at the intersection of Albany Post Road (Route 9) and Scarborough Station Road.

Another garden, this time at the intersection of Albany Post Road and Revolutionary Road.

Entrance to Scarborough Presbyterian Church.

Crisscrossing patterns.

Detail of the door of Scarborough Presbyterian Church.

Historic (1764) Sparta Cemetery.

Tree at Sparta Cemetery.

The plaque reads in part: “This stone was pierced by a cannon shot fired from the British sloop-of-war Vulture commanded by Lieutenant Sutherland, 1780”.

Interesting detail of a headstone.

Gravestones and a monument.

Same tree as above, different angle.

A brick wall at the corner of Scarborough Road and Ridgecrest Road.

Another brick wall, this time with tree roots.

Film Camera 2021 -3 Pentax Espio 115G

This camera was given to me by a friend, who also gave me an old film with it. Some specifications below:

  • Size and Weight: Width 4.4 in; Height 2.4 in; Depth 1.6 in; Weight 7.58 oz
  • Lens: 3x optical zoom, 38-115mm f/3.9-10.5; 7 elements in 6 groups.
  • Optics: Min Focus Range 25.6 in; Focus Adjustment automatic; Max View Angle 59 degrees. The camera has a built in lens shield.
  • Flash: built in; red eye reduction; range 2-31 feet: ISO 400 (wide) 2.8 feet -13 feet: ISO 400 (tele)
  • Viewfinder covers 83% with Panorama frame, autofocus frame, close-up correction frame and LEDs indicating flash ready and autofocus ready.
  • Minimum shutter speed 1/300 second ; Maximum exposure 2 seconds in automatic plus bulb.
  • Self timer with 10 second delay
  • Film Speed Range: ISO 25 – 3200
  • Other features: Automatic film advance, date imprint, LCD display showing battery condition, flash mode, frame counter, landscape mode, red-eye mode, self-timer mode, auto power off infinity focus lock.
  • Flash Modes: auto, fill flash mode, flash OFF, red-eye reduction, slow synchro.
  • Takes 1 CR2 battery.

There’s a good review of of it here