Aerial camera

A Facebook friend posted the above picture along with the comment: ‘That “serious” feeling when you put down your smartphone and pick up a real camera…’ Although he’s a camera aficianado he didn’t mention what camera it was. After searching around on the internet for a while I found a number of instances where this picture appeared and in them it was referred to as a “Kodak K-24 US Air Force Camera with Aero-Ektar f2.5, 178 mm, 5×5 lens”. I posted this information to a vintage camera Facebook group to which I belong and was soon informed that this was not the case. One member joked “I am fairly sure that is either not a K24 or the man is about 3 feet tall.” Apparently the K24 is a much smaller camera than this one. The post elicited quite a few comments, many of them quite funny, but eventually one of the members solved the puzzle.

The camera is a Fairchild K-17.

Obviously I didn’t take the picture, nor do I know who did.

Revolving door

While my wife was taking an exercise class I walked the dog around her club’s parking lot. In a distant corner I came across a disembodied revolving door. Seemed like a strange place for it! Portal to another dimension? Did The Doctor finally manage to get his chameleon circuit working?

Taken with an iPhone 5s.

A nice place to sit in Summer

This one made me smile! Every year the level of our lake is lowered two or three feet (sometime even more). I’m not entirely sure why this is done but it seems to be some combination of keeping down invasive species and allowing lake residents to repair their docks.

I imagine that in this case someone moved the bench closer to he water when the water level was low and the bench would still have been on on the sand. Since then the lake level has been allowed to rise and the feet of the bench are now in the water. As I thought about this more it occurred to me that this is not such a bad idea. In the heat of Summer this could be a pleasant place to sit and read while keeping your bare feet cool in the water. I hope they leave it there.