The River Rose

Another view from Dolly’s restaurant in Garrison’s Landing, NY. Here the “River Rose” a rear wheel paddle steamer passes a sailboat moored near the Garrison Yacht Club. The houses on the other side of the river are part of the West Point complex.

Incidentally I’ve just noticed that this is the 3,000th post since I started this site in 2011.

Taken with a Panasonic Lumix GF1 and G vario 14-42 asph f3.5-5.6

Lunch at Dolly’s

After our visit to Knox’s Headquarters (See posts starting with Knox’s Headquarters – Exterior – Front View) we went for lunch on the Hudson River in Garrison’s Landing.

Our restaurant was called Dolly’s and it’s named after the movie “Hello Dolly”, parts of which were filmed here. It’s on the site of a legendary bar and country store called “Guinans”, which is described in Little Chapel on the River: A Pub, a Town and the Search for What Matters Most. The book tells the story of a writer who has to leave her apartment near the World Trade Center in the wake of the 2001 attacks. She ends up in Garrison’s Landing, NY where she befriends the owner (Jim Guinan) of a country store and pub (Guinan’s) on the river, his family and the colorful group of people who frequent the place.

The large building in the background is the US Military Academy at West Point. Here we seen the ferry from West Point South Dock approaching Garrison Yacht Club. This is a private ferry service for West Point staff, Cadets and guests only.

Taken with a Panasonic Lumix GF1 and G vario 14-42 asph f3.5-5.6