Early in October I posted the black and white version of this picture of an old Carvel ice cream shop site. What struck me at the time was how desolate and abandoned it seemed. However, the single picture doesn’t really do it justice so thought I’d add a few more. At the time I took the pictures I thought that because the two buildings were of a similar style and color scheme they were both part of a small Carvel complex. However, a long time resident of the area told me that the small building in the background was the remains of the Westbrook Inn.

A view of the rear of the Carvel. I’m not sure exactly what this structure was, but it’s now broken down with weeds growing all over

A closer view of the same structure. You can see that there’s actually a tree growing through the structure.

A view from the rear of the site looking towards Oregon road.

The former Westbrook Inn (or so I’m informed). It doesn’t look much like an Inn to me.

This looks like an exterior sitting area at the Westbrook Inn. It looks as if it’s been abandoned longer than the Carvel. The roof has gone; debris all over; weeds and small trees growing through the floor.

This is the new Carvel. It’s across the road in a small strip mall. I’m sure the ice cream is the same but somehow the overall ambience isn’t. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just like old things too much.

The new Carvel again. This time a view through the front window.

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