The OssiningCrotononHudsonPatch website describes the Croton Landing Park as follows:

Croton Landing lies just past the yacht club on the Hudson River, and is home to a short walking trail, waterfront and a natural riverfront habitat full of native plants and animals. Educational material and environmentally-themed art also can be found. Large, flat paths are good for bikes and skateboards, its open spaces are great for picnics and sports and the scenery makes it a great place to stroll, relax and watch the sunset.

it’s a good place for walking the dog even if it can get somewhat windy at times. This breakwater creates a small inlet to the right with the Hudson River to the left.

This tiny, bare tree was growing in the middle of the rocks. I like the reflection, which seemed to demand that the horizon be more or less in the centre of the frame.

More reflected trees. This time a more distant view. It was a very overcast day with occasional drizzle. This gave a nice misty effect in the background.

Liked the curve of the path with the people towards the end as well as the contrast between the shiny light of the path and the darker, more matte appearance of the grass.

This is a very recent addition to the park. It’s a 9/11 memorial. I can only assume that the large girder is from the original World Trade Center. It’s quite sobering to see the twisted metal with bits of concrete attached to it.

The pictures were taken with a Sony Nex 5N with a Jupiter 9 lens and a Kiev/contax mount adapter.

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