I often carry around the Sony Nex 5N. In this case we were having lunch in a nearby Japanese restaurant (Yamafuji in Briarcliff Manor). The very colourful display in the window caught my attention as did the contrast with the rather plain, almost zen (not that I know much about zen) like wall and lantern to the left.

This is the interior of the Landmark Diner in Ossining. There’s something about it that I like although I’m not sure exactly what. The blurred figure is deliberate.  I wanted to get the sense of motion.

All of the above pictures were taken using a 16mm sony e-mount lens.  It’s a very small lens that, if you’re used to using the kit lens, makes the NEX practically pocketable.  This lens seems to be almost universally hated.  I bought it quite cheaply on sale and I think it’s usable if you work within its limitations.  In any case I’m not the type of person to fret about technical perfection in lenses.  I suppose that all things being equal I’d like a lens to clear and sharp.  On the other hand I know (as I think we all do) that it’s possible to produce lovely pictures with less than superlative lenses.  I certainly know that the best lens in the world will not improve my picture taking ability (although it might allow me to produce sharper pictures – but with my shaky hands who knows).

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