As is often the case I took these while walking the dog one day. I didn’t have too many winter pictures so I thought I’d take a few before all of the snow and ice disappeared. The first one is of ‘Children’s Beach’, one of several beaches around the lake. In summer it’s often full of people swimming, boating etc. Kind of desolate in winter though. I liked the boat in the foreground and the tracks across the icy snow.

Here I liked the contrast between the darkness of the water and the white of the snow. Also the way the trees reflected in the water. There’s also the contrast between the somewhat subdued, almost matte, texture of the snow and the shiny, reflective water.

I’ve always loved the location of this house. It’s on a sort of peninsula and has lovely views of the lake. We know the owner and have been to the house, the interior of which is also lovely. In winter they (not sure exactly who ‘they’ are) significantly lower the level of the water. I’m not sure why they do this although I suspect that it’s some combination of preserving the lake ecosystem and allowing people to make repairs to their docks. It doesn’t affect us very much because from the house the lake looks the same (if you go down to the dock you can see that the water level is much lower though). Unfortunately for houses like this one their lovely view turns into a view of mud. When it’s covered with snow and ice it looks a bit better.

Another view of snow, ice and water. Here I liked the patterns.

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