Incoming Waves.

I was reading some articles about Garry Winogrand. One of them mentioned that he never developed film right after shooting it. He would wait for some time (maybe even a couple of years) so that the memory of taking the photo would have faded. Supposedly this allowed him to be more objective in judging his images: “If I was in a good mood when I was shooting one day, then developed the film right away…I might choose a picture because I remember how good it felt when I took it, not necessarily because it was a great shot. You make better choices if you approach your contact sheets cold, separating the editing from the picture taking as much as possible.” (from an interview with one of his students).

With this in mind I took a look back at some of my old pictures. I wanted to see how I felt about them now. Then I re-edited a few. These are the results. They were all taken in 20003 with a Canon Sureshot S-50, 5 megapixel camera at the Santa Monica pier in California.

Santa Monica Pier



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