From time to time I become paralyzed. I want to go out and shoot but I can’t think of anything worthy of picture taking. Part of it is laziness. I can’t immediately think of anywhere clever to go so I find excuses not to go out and shoot. It’s too early. The light’s not right. The weather might be bad etc. When I force myself to go out I always enjoy it. There are picture taking opportunities everywhere, even in the most mundane places. I just have to go out somewhere (doesn’t really matter where) and look for the opportunities.

A case in point. I went to my regular automotive service station: Cappello’s Auto Repair in Ossining, NY. As an aside they’re really great. We’ve been using them for about 14 years and I can’t imagine anyone better. Back to the story. I was going into NY city to meet up with some friends. One of my headlights was out and I wanted it to be fixed before I drove back home in the dark. I had also noticed that I was having to top up coolant rather more than normal and suspected a coolant leak somewhere. One of the Cappello brothers (there seem to be a lot of them) said that it would take about 10 minutes to change the light bulb. However, on checking for the coolant leak he figured out that there was a crack in the radiator and it would have to be replaced. After a few calls he determined that fixing everything would take about two hours. As this would still allow me enough time to get into the city I told them to go ahead.

So what has this got to do with photographs. Well, I decided that I would spend the two hours in Cappello’s and try to see what I could find to take pictures of. It was surprising how much there was.

The picture above is of a Fiat 500 that Cappello’s had in the waiting room. They seem to have a fondness for Fiat’s as I saw a few old Fiat’s parked outside. I also have a fondness for the Fiat 500 as my father had one when I was growing up.

The Fiat 500 as seen through a row of tires. Had to get down on the floor to take this one.

A couple of models in a display case.

Vroom!! Vroom!!

Knots in the wood paneled walls of the men’s room

Yet another ceiling fan. See earlier post: A tale of two ceiling fans

Cracked sink in mens room.

These are just a small selection. There were a number of other half way decent pictures, all from a rather mundane location. I really have to get out more often.

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