When I decided to start a camera collection this was the first camera I acquired. My first serious camera was a rangefinder camera and I’d heard of Leicas. However, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so after browsing around on the Internet for a while I decided to try some of the Leica copy former Soviet Union (FSU) cameras. I didn’t like the idea of trimming the film leader (required to use bottom loading cameras like the earlier Leicas and also the early FSU cameras. So I opted for the Fed 2, which has a removable back. I read that it’s not as well made as a Leica (it’s not), but that it had some features that the early (and in some cases even later) Leicas lacked e.g. wide base length rangefinder; combined rangefinder/viewfinder; easier loading.

I very much like the viewfinder/rangefinder and the controls are relatively smooth. Of course it has no slow speeds so that limits it a bit (although I admit that I hand hold a lot and tend not to use the slow speeds much. I can’t even hand hold effectively at 1/30 sec). The black and white pictures were taken using an Industar-61 and the colour pictures with a collapsible Fed 50mm 3.5. I rather liked the Fed collapsible and was very pleasantly surprised with the results.

As with the Kiev (see post below) there is an interesting story behind the FED cameras . Who would have thought that such a camera would come from commune established by Felix Edmundovich (“bloody felix”) Dzerzhinsky (FED – get it?). He was the infamous head of the Cheka, predecessor to the KGB.

Scarborough Station park, Westchester, NY.

Statue in our garden.

Plant in our Kitchen.

Fire House in Tarrytown, NY

Spooky figures on a wall in Tarrytown, NY

Customer at the Setback Inn, Tarrytown, NY ????

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