This is my first serious camera. For a long time I thought it was my first camera. I later remembered that it wasn’t, but that’s a topic for another post. My wife, Eirah bought it as a present and that’s what got me started with photography.

The first three pictures were taken around the time I first got the camera. The subject is, of course my wife. Please excuse the poor scans.

The rest of the pictures were taken about 34 years later in our garden (please excuse the poor scans). Everything was working against this. Since I was starting to get back into film I took it out to see if it was still working. I hadn’t touched it for about 20 years. I opened it up and found to my surprise that there was a film in it. So I quickly closed it up again and thought well I can at least test it. After I’d finished I took out the film and discovered that it was an ISO 400 film and the camera was set for ISO 100. So all things considered I wasn’t expecting much. Turned out much better than I thought – some interesting changes in the colour.

At work

In the UN Gardens

At home.

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