View of Ankor Wat

Sometime around September 2007 I was invited to a meeting in Cambodia. I recall that I’d been travelling a lot and had just returned from somewhere distant. I wasn’t even sure if I was the right person to attend this meeting. So I didn’t really want to go. It’s a long way from NY to Cambodia and I had been finding that as I got older the travel got more and more difficult. Then I realized that the meeting was in Siem Riep, about six kilometers from Angkor Wat. I’d seem pictures of Angkor Wat when I was in my teens and was fascinated. I’ve always had an interest in archaeology. Little did I ever think that I would have chance to see it. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss. So I went to the meeting, which turned out to be really useful – I was, indeed, the right person to attend. Even better my wife decided that she hadn’t been back to Asia for a while and went to Bangkok for a few days and then met up with me after the meeting in Siem Riep. We then had a very pleasant couple of days vacation taking in the sights and visiting Angkok Thom, Angkok Wat and some of the other complexes. Very memorable.

Carving. Angkor Thom

Stone heads. Bayon Temple

Staircase. Angkor Wat. I didn’t have the nerve to climb it.

Carving. Banteay Srei (I think)

Banteay Srei

Girl with dog. Got the exposure wrong on this one and it came out very dark. Not the sharpest of pictures (the original was very noisy). The funny thing is that I was so focused on the face that I didn’t even see the dog until I came to work on the picture again many years later.

All pictures taken with a Canon Powershot S50

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