Statue at Kona International Airport

In an earlier post I mentioned that we would be coming back to Hawaii.  How could I be so certain?  In that post I also mentioned that our flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles had been cancelled.  The airline (unfortunately I can no longer remember the name) paid for a taxi into Honolulu; a night in a nice hotel including dinner and a taxi back to the airport the following day.  They also put us in first class for the flight to LA.  In addition they gave us two round trip tickets Los Angeles/Maui.  That’s how I knew we would be back.

And back we were the following year.  This time we only spent a couple of days on Maui, most of the time being on the Big Island. I didn’t immediately take a liking to the Big Island the way I had with Maui. The Hawaiian islands are very slowly moving over a volcanic hot spot. Maui passed over it a long time ago, but the Big Island is still squarely on top of it. The island is more rugged than Maui with black lava streams all over the place. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a lovely island, but not to me as nice as Maui.

The volcanoes are, however, spectacular.

Kilauea (I think)

Another view


In looking back over the photos I was surprised that there weren’t very many. Most of them weren’t very good either – even by my pretty low standards. I think I was just starting to go into a period where I lost interest in photography. I felt that I wasn’t improving much and only seemed to take the camera out to shoot family events and scenic vacation shots. It took a couple of years and a new camera (purchased after I left the old one in a taxi in Geneva), a Panasonic Lumix LX3, to bring me out of this. Did the LX3 make my pictures better? No, of course not. No new camera can do that. What it did though was to re-stimulate my interest in taking pictures and all things photographic.

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